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Spray Drying Of Milk Powder

Milk is a very common nutrient in daily life, but milk is kept in liquid state for a short time, so milk can be converted into milk powder through a series of equipment, spray drying equipment is the key to milk powder manufacturing.
When milk is first collected, the concentration is very low, and energy consumption can be high if it is produced directly through spray drying equipment.Therefore, it is recommended to use a film evaporator to increase the milk concentration to 40-50%.

spray drying of milk powder

In the production of spray drying equipment, the air inlet temperature is generally the highest at 180℃, and the air outlet temperature is controlled at about 95℃.After the concentration is increased, the milk is transported by high pressure pump to the pressure spray gun at the top of the spray drying tower, through which the milk is atomized in the drying tower.Hot air enters the drying tower and mixes with atomized milk droplets to evaporate water.The main product falls into its built-in fluidized bed at the bottom, which heats air to further dry the powder. The milk powder enters the external fluidized bed and is dried again. With the vibration of the fluidized bed, it enters the cool air area to cool down and dehumidify, and then it is collected through the vibrating screen.

Some fine powder in the drying tower enters the cyclone separator through the pipe at the top of the drying tower. The powder is sent back to the drying tower by the freezing dehumidifier to continue to be mixed with milk droplets.Fine powder and waste gas into the water dust precipitator settlement.

1.Product moisture content is too high
Exhaust air temperature is the main factor affecting the moisture content of finished products, so the reason for the high moisture content of products is generally the exhaust air temperature is too low. And the exhaust air temperature can be adjusted by the amount of feed. Therefore, the corresponding measures are appropriate to reduce the amount of feed, in order to improve the exhaust temperat...more
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