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Wuxi dongsheng spray granulation drying machinery factory specializes in the production of spray drying equipment for 22 years, specializing in the production of spirulina spray drying equipment.

Design basis of centrifugal spray drying (reference)

1. Material Name     spirulina

2. Liquid Solid Content:  5%

3. Evaporation kg/h:      250kg/h 2000L/D ,8 working hour per day

4. Powder Capacity :      13kg/h

5. The spray form      centrifugal atomizer

6. Heating:             1,Indirect gas furnace 450,000 Kcal(The actual 410,000 - 400,000 Kcal

2, Electrical heating  600KW

The heating mode is determined according to the local energy available to users. The above is for reference only.

7. Heater consumption:    natural gas: 69 m³/h

8. Air inlet temperature:  150 - 180.self-control and adjustable.Calculated at 180

9. Air outlet temperature:  70 - 100(adjustableCalculated at 100 )

10. Spray tower:           φ4500*4880mm   

11. Power:                65KW

12. Compressed air consumption:  1.3m³/minpressure0.6Mpa

13. Product collection     Cyclone separator

14. dusting method   Primary cyclone separator + secondary cyclone + spray washer

Factory to provide equipment installation, commissioning services, one - year warranty period.May provide the maintenance extension service according to the customer request.


1.Product moisture content is too high
Exhaust air temperature is the main factor affecting the moisture content of finished products, so the reason for the high moisture content of products is generally the exhaust air temperature is too low. And the exhaust air temperature can be adjusted by the amount of feed. Therefore, the corresponding measures are appropriate to reduce the amount of feed, in order to improve the exhaust temperat...more
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