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The drying of functional ceramics requires high drying temperature, even particles of finished products and low final water, which has high requirements for the cleaning and sanitation of the dryer, or it will affect the whiteness of finished products.According to the characteristics of materials, the ceramic special spray dryer of wuxi dongsheng spray drying machinery factory adopts the counter-current pressure spray drying principle, which has the characteristics of making full use of heat energy, stable production and excellent product quality.

spray dryer ceramic industry

Features of spray drying equipment:

1. Adopt advanced countercurrent drying technology, with high drying efficiency.

In the drying process, the fog droplets run in opposite directions to the hot air, which improves the relative speed between the material and the air, rapidly evaporates the water and improves the drying efficiency.

2. Clean air inlet and interior ensure product color.

All the internal parts of the equipment are made of stainless steel and polished to avoid material adhesion.The air inlet is equipped with special high temperature resistant air filter to clean the air entering the drying tower, prevent the material from being polluted, and ensure the quality of products.

3. Stable drying process and high degree of automatic control.

Spray dryer adopts high quality high pressure wear-resisting nozzle and stepless high pressure feeding pump, which can adjust the feeding pressure and feeding speed in a large range, change the atomization effect, so that the product size can be effectively controlled;Adopt advanced hot air distributor to make hot air flow vertically downward, which is beneficial to improve drying efficiency and product quality.Automatic control system can adopt PLC program control circuit, and use the advanced way of fuzzy control, set the corresponding procedures according to relevant data, and automatic tracking control of inlet air temperature, wind temperature, feeding speed, operating pressure and related parameters, temperature can be controlled within + / - 5 ℃, achieve the goal of automatic stability control.

4. High powder yield reduces material loss.

The spray dryer adopts high efficiency collecting device, which makes the powder collecting rate up to 99.5%, and can increase the water foam dust removal system to ensure the environmental protection requirements.

1.Product moisture content is too high
Exhaust air temperature is the main factor affecting the moisture content of finished products, so the reason for the high moisture content of products is generally the exhaust air temperature is too low. And the exhaust air temperature can be adjusted by the amount of feed. Therefore, the corresponding measures are appropriate to reduce the amount of feed, in order to improve the exhaust temperat...more
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