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  • Laboratory Spray Dryer Manufacturers, Laboratory Spray Dryer Factory, Supply Laboratory Spray Dryer
Laboratory Spray Dryer

drying of the fine powder recovery device: take a dry cloth, wipe the storage tank of the fine powder recovery device and the fine powder recovery device until all traces are clean.

1. Cleaning frequency: change varieties, change batches, and end of production.
2, cleaning tools: clean basin, cleaning cloth, brush, rubber gloves.
3. Detergent: 2%NaOH solution. Disinfectant: 75% ethanol.

Cleaning method:

1) extraction unit: clean the equipment online
1.1 after the production, remove the "running" status label and hang the "to be cleaned" status label.
1.2 the removable parts of the cleaning will be removable parts of the liquid medicine hose removed and sent to the tool cleaning room. Rinse the liquid delivery hose repeatedly with high-pressure water gun until it is clean and then rinse again with purified water. Wipe the external surface of the liquid delivery hose with a dry cloth until there is no trace of water.
1.3 check the spray dryer outlet whether there are residual powder, if there is a nylon brush clean. 

2) cleaning of main engine
2.1 use a high-pressure water gun to wash the dryer cylinder inside and outside and the outside surface of the material delivery pipeline, cyclone separator and mixing tank inside and outside.
Note: hard to clean parts can be washed or wiped with 2%NaOH solution. After cleaning, take the stainless steel bucket and put it under the outlet, open the double butterfly valve of the outlet at the bottom of the dryer cylinder body, release the sewage after cleaning and pour it out.
2.2 to collect powder upper pipeline cleaning mouth open, and then open the cyclone separator double butterfly valve of the upper and lower valve, then put in the stainless steel barrel under the double butterfly valve, soft water cannons to clean nozzle of cleaning mouth the lateral import, start water cannons, pull back and forth cleaning nozzle, washing powder pipeline and cyclone separator double butterfly valve, until outflow water PH value is neutral and clarify.
2.3 take a nylon brush to be introduced from the outside of the feeding valve at the bottom of the mixing tank, brush back and forth for several times, and rinse with water while brushing. The hard-to-clean parts can be dipped in 2%NaOH solution, and then rinse until the PH value of the outflow water is neutral and clarified.
2.4 operators will put cloth wipes into drinking water to wet, wring dry, will dry the dryer and mixing tank outside the scrub, while cleaning with drinking water. 

3) leaching: finally, wash the outside surface of the dryer and the inside and outside of the mixing tank thoroughly with a high-pressure water gun.
3.1 will be equipped with purified water stainless steel bucket on the drying machine outlet, take a clean wipe cloth dipped in 75% ethanol to scrub the outlet, 10 minutes later, put clean wipe cloth to the purification water wetting, wring dry, and then the drying machine outlet thoroughly clean and no alcohol taste.
3.2 for the drying machine and control cabinet wall, instrument cleaning with clean wet cloth will dry machine and control cabinet wall, the valve, instrument clean, no stains on the surface.
3.3 in the cleaning process, pay special attention to the drying machine outlet and mixing tank feeding valve cleaning. 

4) drying of spray dryer body: turn on the heater and fan to dry the whole equipment.
4.1 close the butterfly valve for 5 minutes, and then open the butterfly valve for 3 minutes, so two consecutive times, you can remove the cyclone separator water.
4.2dry, turn off the heater, when the air temperature drops to 50℃, you can turn off the fan. 

5) drying of mixing tank: steam is poured into the mixing tank and dried until there are no traces. 

1.Product moisture content is too high
Exhaust air temperature is the main factor affecting the moisture content of finished products, so the reason for the high moisture content of products is generally the exhaust air temperature is too low. And the exhaust air temperature can be adjusted by the amount of feed. Therefore, the corresponding measures are appropriate to reduce the amount of feed, in order to improve the exhaust temperat...more
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