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The spray drying mode is suitable for the spray drying of the organic solvent, and the equipment's atomization system and the dust removal system are the same as the conventional spray drying equipment, and the difference is that the equipment must be carried out before the operation, and the oxygen content within the device must be reduced to less than 3%.

The use of nitrogen in the heating gas of the equipment is used to prevent material burning during the drying process. The conventional spray drying equipment is directly in the atmosphere, and the closed cycle equipment will reuse the exhaust gas, effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental hazards. The organic solvent used by the material is recycled through the condenser.

The whole equipment is connected. After the nitrogen concentration reaches the requirement, the equipment starts to run.Nitrogen is heated into the spray drying tower, and the material is sent to the high-speed atomizer by peristaltic pump for atomization, which is mixed with the heated nitrogen inside the drying tower.Solvent evaporation and hot air feed into the condenser.Products are collected from the bottom of the drying tower and solvents are collected at the bottom of the condenser.Part of the fine powder into the cyclone separator and bag collector collection.The hot nitrogen goes back to the drying tower.

1.Product moisture content is too high
Exhaust air temperature is the main factor affecting the moisture content of finished products, so the reason for the high moisture content of products is generally the exhaust air temperature is too low. And the exhaust air temperature can be adjusted by the amount of feed. Therefore, the corresponding measures are appropriate to reduce the amount of feed, in order to improve the exhaust temperat...more
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