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High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer

The development of experimental spray dryer is quite fast, the working principle of dryer is also increasing with the type of dryer, their heating system is also different, it can be said that there are differences, of course, the use of these dryer is different, the principle of different, for the applicable materials are completely different.

Flash refers to that when water is heated at atmospheric pressure, 100℃ is the maximum temperature that liquid water can be allowed at that pressure. Reheating does not raise the temperature of water, but changes it into steam. The heat absorbed by water in the process of heating up to the boiling point is called sensible heat, or sensible heat of saturated water. The heat needed to convert saturated water into steam at the same atmospheric pressure is called latent heat. However, if water is heated at a certain pressure, its boiling point will be higher than 100℃, so more sensible heat is required. The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point of water, the higher the heat content. When the pressure is lowered, some sensible heat is released, and this excess heat will be absorbed in the form of latent heat, causing some water to be "flash" into steam. Flash evaporation can also be used as energy in boiler drainage recovery and geothermal power generation in thermal power plants. Flash is the high pressure saturated water into a relatively low pressure container due to the sudden drop in pressure of the saturated water into a part of the container pressure of saturated water vapor and saturated water.

The experimental spray dryer of flash drying is developed by using the principle of flash drying, so the working principle of experimental spray dryer is roughly the same as that of flash drying. Experimental spray dryers are widely used. 

According to the structure of experimental spray dryer, the working process can be divided into four stages: crushing, gas-solid mixing, drying and grading, which are also not available in other dryers. 

The research of experimental spray dryer is complementary to the principle of flash drying, which also shows that the drying machinery industry in China is developing with the progress of society. Believe in the near future. The performance of experimental spray dryer will be better, the scope of application will be more extensive, for us to bring more and more wealth.

1.Product moisture content is too high
Exhaust air temperature is the main factor affecting the moisture content of finished products, so the reason for the high moisture content of products is generally the exhaust air temperature is too low. And the exhaust air temperature can be adjusted by the amount of feed. Therefore, the corresponding measures are appropriate to reduce the amount of feed, in order to improve the exhaust temperat...more
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