mini spray dryer

  • Ceramic Spray Dryer

    Ceramic Spray Dryer

    Conventional ceramic granulation powders are all used pressure spray drying. After pressure spray granulating and drying,The material is shaping spherical particles.The finished product is more free flow and can fill film evenly and quickly , Residual moisture content and constancy of loose specific weight are good, it is suitable for dry static pressing and molding products. This series machine can improve 4-8 times die life of original machines. The finished products are good consistent and highly polished which are widely used in ceramic tile, tableware, ceramic substrate, ceramic materials, ferrite magnetic materials and other industries.

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  • Mini Spray Dryer

    Mini Spray Dryer

    Small spray drying machine is suitable for the colleges and universities, research institutes and food medicine, chemical industry laboratory trace particles of powder production, such as emulsion, suspending liquid has a broad spectrum of all solution applicability, suitable for drying thermal sensitivity material such as biological products, biological pesticide, enzymes, because of overflowing material only when sprayed into mist particle size under high temperature, so just instant heating, can maintain the active material in dry hind still maintain its active ingredients are not destroyed.

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