closed loop iron powder treatment dryer

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    Closed Loop Iron Powder Treatment Dryer

    Closed Loop Iron Powder Treatment Dryer

    Design basis 1. Material to be dried: metal powder 2. Solvent composition: acetone 3. Circulating gas: nitrogen 4. Oxygen content: about 1.5% (nitrogen purity 99.99%) 5. Product appearance: 200-500 mesh 6. Moisture content of products: ≤2% 7. Heating mode: explosion-proof electric heating tube, directly heating nitrogen 8. Atomization mode: centrifugal atomization 9. Collecting method: tower bottom, cyclone, cloth bag collection 10. Exhaust gas treatment: condensation tower condensation, solvent recovery 12. Acetone recovery: about 85% 13. Total system power - - 130KW 14. Maximum power of heater: 63KW

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