Closed Cycle Spray Dryer

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    Nitrogen Protected Spray Dryer

    Nitrogen Protected Spray Dryer

    Heat conduction oil is adopted to heat the drying medium nitrogen rapidly;
    The discharging method adopts tower bottom, cyclone and cloth bag dust collector.
    Equipped with PLC and touch screen precise control, more convenient operation.
    In order to improve the reliability and service life of the equipment, the main supporting components adopt high-end imported brands.
    Mirror polishing of tower and pipeline.

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    Closed Loop Iron Powder Treatment Dryer

    Closed Loop Iron Powder Treatment Dryer

    Design basis
    1. Material to be dried: metal powder
    2. Solvent composition: acetone
    3. Circulating gas: nitrogen
    4. Oxygen content: about 1.5% (nitrogen purity 99.99%)
    5. Product appearance: 200-500 mesh
    6. Moisture content of products: ≤2%
    7. Heating mode: explosion-proof electric heating tube, directly heating nitrogen
    8. Atomization mode: centrifugal atomization
    9. Collecting method: tower bottom, cyclone, cloth bag collection
    10. Exhaust gas treatment: condensation tower condensation, solvent recovery
    12. Acetone recovery: about 85%
    13. Total system power - - 130KW
    14. Maximum power of heater: 63KW

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  • Organic Solvent Spray Drying

    Organic Solvent Spray Drying

    Organic solvent spray drying works in a closed environment and needs to be dried in an atmosphere of inert gas. Generally, nitrogen is filled.Mainly in order to prevent oxidation in the drying process or slurry containing flammable and explosive solvents.Avoid contact with air by filling inert gas such as nitrogen.

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  • Experimental Nitrogen Spray Dryer

    Experimental Nitrogen Spray Dryer

    Wuxi dongsheng spray granulation drying machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of spray drying equipment with 20 years of design and manufacturing experience.The factory produces 2.5kg/h, 5kg/h, 8kg/h and other experimental closed cycle spray drying equipment.

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  • Closed Loop Spray Dryer

    Closed Loop Spray Dryer

    Closed-circuit circulation technology research at present, the existing spray drying, the core technology of this technology is, in the form of the centrifugal spray dry production of suspension liquid material.

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  • Nitrogen Cycle Spray Dryer

    Nitrogen Cycle Spray Dryer

    Nitrogen cycle spray dryer is an equipment for nitrogen cycle in closed equipment for spray drying production.Conventional spray drying equipment USES air as evaporation medium, while nitrogen is used as evaporation medium in this equipment.

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  • Pharma Spray Drying Machine

    Pharma Spray Drying Machine

    Egg powder refers to the dried egg products made by beating, separating, filtering, homogenizing, pasteurizing and spray drying fresh eggs. Egg powder is rich in nutrition, high calorific value, and is full - valent protein. Its nutrition ingredients and human needs appropriate, so as the ideal human tonic.

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