Characteristics and application areas of lab spray dryers


The lab spray dryer is mainly used for laboratory tests to dry materials. So what are the characteristics of lab spray dryer? Where can lab spray dryers be applied? Today I will introduce the characteristics and application fields of lab spray dryer in detail.

    Characteristics of lab spray dryer characteristics

  1. The spraying, drying chamber and collection device are made of transparent, high-quality, high-temperature-resistant high-borosilicate glass, so that the spray-drying process is performed in a pollution-free and stable environment. The entire spray drying experiment progress is visible, which is convenient for controlling the experiment progress and can find and adjust problems in time. All glass elements are easily removable and easy to clean.

  2. Temperature control adopts real-time control PID constant temperature control technology, which is accurate in temperature control.

  3. Built-in imported oil-free air compressor, the particle diameter of the powder spray is normally distributed, the fluidity is good, and the noise is very low, less than 60db, which meets the national laboratory noise standard.

  4. The ejector can automatically unblock (through the needle) and the frequency can be adjusted. When the nozzle is blocked, it will be automatically cleared to ensure the continuity of the experiment.

  5. The atomization structure of the two-fluid spray is made of high-quality and high-precision 316 stainless steel, and the atomization is uniform.

  6. The feed amount can be adjusted by a peristaltic pump, and a minimum of 30ml sample can also complete an experiment.

  7. With protection function, the heater cannot start without the fan starting.

  8. Fully automatic manual dual mode, PLC control, color touch screen display, Chinese and English operation interface, all parameters have LCD display.

lab spray dryers

  Application field of lab spray dryer

  The lab spray dryer is mainly applicable to the production of trace particle powders in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, biological, beverage, chemical, material, pharmaceutical and other enterprises. For the drying of heat-sensitive substances such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc., because the sprayed materials are only exposed to high temperature when sprayed into mist-like particles, they are only heated instantaneously to keep these active materials dry It still maintains its active ingredients from damage.

  The main application areas of lab spray dryers are: beverages, spices and pigments, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthesis, thermosensitive plastics, polymers and resins, fragrances, blood products, ceramic and superconductors, Biochemicals, dyes, chemical materials, soaps and detergents, food adhesives, oxides, bone meal and tooth powder, etc.

  The above is the introduction of the characteristics and application fields of lab spray dryers. I hope everyone will understand the characteristics and application fields of lab spray dryers and help you.

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